Awareness in the Human Animal

Limit this exploratory informational essay to discussing and examining “waking awareness” excluding (sleep) and excluding lucid, sickness, altered states via inhales, injectable, oral, anal, through skin, sublingually ect.  We move into a cursory exploration of the chemically neuronal mediated form called L.O.V.E  This form called love through perception, bias, and manufactured thought processes – out of equilibrium chemical transfused “love”.   As manufactured  in the perceptual domain of a human in a semi genuine way  .ie, love of child,** or hysterically out of thin air. i.e falling in love with celebrities who do not know of your existence. “This human manufactured by thought” process he/she manufacturers will include the subset set of  imagined scenarios occurring within awareness independent of material experience or surroundings. This L.O.V.E Love Chemically speaking distorts the waking awareness with phantoms of bliss.  Love became a deadly spiritual mutagen after inclusion to sacrament. Deployed with full payload of unnatural “virtue” becoming weaponized malignant viral code.  Offered as wholesome sacrament between two people under service to their “national God”. The virus usurping reason through  manufactured expectations placed by society, governed by clergy, and adopted immediately. Toss in all the written nonsense of yahweh’s scripture.Man’s love has not gotten us here. Nature’s thrifty survival code of fit and will to breed and peer bonding set humans exactly where they landed up. Not love.

Tenant 2

Digitization compels human animals to emulate the charging and discharging analog voltage capacitors- often discharging “unformation”. Rapidly charging up awareness without utility via interaction with tv or social media, mutating the already non factual then rapidly discharging non-essential perceptual opinion to feed himself. Discharging to others in the form of warped 2nd 3rd hand opinions orally- offering subjective conjecture comprised of nothing new only serving to push oneself from harmony into madness. 

Bring us mild phase shift eternal hissing one. You as me pushing us into a world where rumination is self-sustained and fed 24/7 from the tit of the nearest name server  “A knowing based on personal experience”

You will know me by my work at the appropriate point in time 

Formal logic

Let us consider the following statement “logic leads to dead ends you only need faith.   I postulate that logic is not supposed to “lead” anywhere.  Logic is a sequential stepwise process of examining and observing then accounting for the phenomena  that is existence. Logic and the philosophy of language are closely related. Philosophy of language has to do with the study of how our language engages and interacts with our thinking. Logic has an immediate impact on other areas of study. Studying logic and the relationship between logic and ordinary speech can help a person better structure his own arguments and critique the arguments of others. Many popular arguments are filled with errors because so many people are untrained in logic and unaware of how to formulate an argument correctly.

Let us consider the machine language the 0’s and 1’s of the integrated circuit.  Application of this logic works in all cases for any and all observers.  Logic is not a tool or a process that can be used for quantifying spoken language because there exists no axioms to define  a value or reference to what words or letters when isolated even mean. Words without well-defined quantifiable meaning cannot describe  because they (words)  have no universal agreed upon meaning.. Dialect  and implied meaning add the additional layer of abstraction and confusion which polarize the participants in the dialogue when both participants in a conversation do not share the same perception of the words coming out of the mouth.

Perhaps the limitation with symbolic language is implied or colloquial meaning.. We have thrown out all logic and hard truth for implied empty word provoked emotion these days. Everyone is free to make up their own meaning to words and this is not feasible with numbers.. Language provokes its own demise with bad form.  An everyday dialogue quickly became the common medium of the fools.


ONA Albion Dark Gods 1 of 3

_ONA Albion Dark Gods ALLVulpecula to Nythra


Ontology and Epistemology of “Absolute Truth”

OOT61M postulates that truth incident to occurrence is never absolute and that this truth is temporally true for some observers and circumstances.

Theological, dogmatic or political “truth(s)” can not and will not ever be equally obvious to human beings. Special relativity and uncertainty principle simply prohibit this level of measurement.  Wisdom is revealed in understanding that truth is relative. The search for truth as a construct tends to damage the psyche. Hopelessly forever seeking a personal god or goddess.  Consider the following A quest for the modern-day “philosopher’s stone”. Scriptural diatribe from an enlightened extinct people or mystic rambling by a modern-day profit on you tube. This endless pursuit of “truth” for truth’s sake is hubris.

Truth can be said to exist as a construct. This construct of linguistics and events is then constrained an area of space for a certain time through the initial broadcasting of the words and associated events. The message  or data or phenomena must be equally available for all ears to hear. Not all ears will agree on the sequence of events as they unfolded to them. They will agree something was said.. but not on the order of events or positions of observers. Truth should not be exempted from a rigorous axiom simply because it tends to assuage the masses.

I am suggesting truth and the accompanied events must be equal observable (listenable) in all  frames of personal reference and agreed upon by any observer in any frame. To agree upon any one truth a measurement and observation must be made. The order of events the duration of events and outcome of events must be equal from any and all reference frames relative to each other.

Since this violates casual space-time data offered or viewed or understood to be true in one reference frame can never said to be true for all observers within the frame or an adjacent frame.

Observers, or “listeners” will never  agree on the order of events or outcomes as they are all presented to (arrive at) listeners in different orders observing in their individual  frames of reference. Information cannot be presented in all frames to all observers and therefore it cannot be absolute truth. Gods word cannot be absolute. Jesus Christ cannot be absolute. Mohammed or Allah’s decree cannot be absolute. It’s impossible to have initial starting reference frames where data measurement  or understanding of data occurring for all people is agreed upon.  Discernment and humility is necessary at this point.


Advanced 5d quantum sorcery

We pick up at a suggested point of exploration suggested in the appendix of Naos.

Rest mass and potential energy of a planet is almost zero when contrasted with a quasar or neutron star. A cursory examination of modern mathematics/astrophysics allows one to conclude the local spacetime distortion is much more dramatic and exotic vacuum perturbations take place and hydrogen atoms are stretched to a value smaller than they should be allowed. Use this data and extrapolate what happened when a working takes place over this with a magnetars as the attractant for the acausal beings. I smelled, tastes, incorporated, absorbed into and became a shiny black spacetime area – traversable. but in between an infinity of monopoles- in form and walked between frames of reference for every particle configuration . Incorporate these beings (massive stars, quasars, neutron stars, black holes)  with your acausal bridge into black magic rituals. The 5 dimensional distortions of the electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena  are many orders of magnitude greater than planets which have been appropriated by every culture from the beginning of recorded history.   In the 5D modified path-working of the OOT61M we are dealing with procession through wyrd using spacetime objects mapped onto 5 dimensional  in place of 7 planets presented along the seven fold way. The operator has a novel method or “modified path working” of the traditional Sepentary 7 fold way   Sinister Tarot full set (1-64) 21 sigils + additional sigils and dark gods for pathways beyond the  ego. spirit, and super spirit (galactic) Substitute powerful space-time regions such as Quasars, Pulsars, Magnatars in place of or in addition to planets. used in the seven fold way


After Hel


The war within is now externalized into temporal and biopsychical degeneracy. Knowing he is the gate and the angles of the tetrahedron out in the world. The old one looks on from afar. Glinting the golden epitaphs of illumination he offered up with no cost for us. Swan feathers tilt ever so gently under the-freshly fallen stars. Down in a chasm below gray goose with no beak- parallelogram shining freshly cut and torn withering on the quartz crystals below. Thirteen straga begin to creep up into a dimensional gate .

Dodo bird wine  drinking and dancing in the fire resounding quire all hail to my  attosecond magnetar  

BEP exploratory postulate

To answer this question at a fundamental level let us start with a brief summary of the postulation that the entire universe is composed of only two basic energy particles (BEP), namely: .

a) the point-like singularities spinning clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW) at the speed of light. Their spin directions represent the fermion particles’ charges.

b) the one dimensional vibrating spring-like strings of energy with their left-handed or right-handed helicity and intrinsic continuous forward velocity at the speed of light. Their spring-like geometry and interactions with the singularities are behind the fundamental coupling and decoupling forces.

Left-handed strings interact with CCW spinning singularities (as in the case of electrons) and right-handed strings interact with CW spinning singularities (as in the case of positrons). This is in line with the Super symmetry theory.

The two BEP compose all the bosons, fermion and space particles (SP). The SP are composed of equal number of singularities spinning CW or CCW forming their nuclei and giving them their zero charge.

Uncoupled strings of energy of both helicities form the SP energy clouds giving them their zero spin. The SP centrifugal force and the coupling and decoupling of the strings of energy at their boundaries keep them interwoven together forming the fabric of space.

The flexible geometry of the fabric of space is the result of the changes in the energy level and radii of the SP in line with the vacuum centripetal force law F₀= E₀/ r₀ ( where F₀ is the kinetic energy of its spinning singularities, E₀ is its orbiting strings of energy and r₀ is its radius).

The changes in the geometry of the SP are the result of:

a) passing some of their energy in the process of mass creation (which leads to the creation of the associated gravitational flux lines), or

b) interactions between charged particles and the adjacent SP resulting in their conversion into interacting virtual electrons and positrons which compose the vector oriented electromagnetic flux lines.

All common fermion particles are composed of 6 singularities forming the nuclei orbited by one type of strings of energy helicity. All Bosons are composed from coupled strings of energy only, acting as information, energy and force carriers.

Having made this very brief introduction, the excerpt below from the manuscript offers a brief explanation.

D) The two basic energy particles, acting as the fundamental operators in this field of physics, provide the basis for correctly predicting thermodynamic systems. They explain the process of all forms of energy transfers including the transfer of kinetic to potential energy.

E) The quantum field theory supports the descriptions of materials as excitations of virtual fields. This is why a lot of modern condensed matter physics and biophysics end up relying on this theory.

F) The spin of electrons and protons can only be explained by the presence of the singularities which form their nuclei.

G) The rational interpretation of quantum mechanics can only be achieved by explaining the existence the two BEP as the fundamental operators responsible for the formation of the quantum fields, hence removing the need for a philosophical interpretation.

H) The question of how to include gravity in quantum field theory is resolved leading to the reconciliation of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

D2- Creation of Gravitational Force Fields

A “force carrier” in a more technical language is a “vector gauge boson”. The Higgs boson is a scalar particle, rather than a vector particle, so it does not fit that definition. However the Higgs bosons (the SP) according to our postulations provide the strings of energy which compose the virtual photons, gravitons and the W and Z bosons which carry lepton particles out of the hadrons’ confinements.

Virtual photons carry momentum from one particle to another leading to a change in their momenta. We say that the virtual photons have “mediated” the electromagnetic force between two charged particles, or that virtual photons have been “exchanged”, and momenta have been transferred in the exchange.

According to our postulation, the creation of mass involves the borrowing of energy by fermion particles from the adjacent vacuum SP to form the hadrons’ confinements and the gluons. This leads to changing the geometry of the vacuum SP, turning them into gravitational flux lines observed as gravitational fields. The geometrically changed SP turn into spinning balls of energy oriented toward the centre of the mass. With the change in the geometry of the vacuum SP, gravitons are formed due to the intrinsic coupling and decoupling characteristics of the strings of energy. It is the emissions and absorptions of the gravitons which reshape the geometry of the adjacent SP leading to the creation of the gravitational flux lines.

In the case of electromagnetism, fields are created due the presence (or presence and movements) of elementary charges. The 12 singularities of the SP get polarized according to their CW or CCW spins, turning them into pairs of vector oriented virtual electrons and positrons. A chain of interacting pairs of electrons and positrons compose the electromagnetic flux lines with the associated emissions and absorptions of virtual photons.

The spinning balls of energy composing the gravitational flux lines and the virtual photons along the electromagnetic flux lines represent the perceived non-contact force acting on particles at various positions in space.

The varying centripetal acceleration (a₀) of the orbiting energy cloud of the SP are determined by the relationship a₀= c² / r₀ (or a₀= r₀/t₀²). In the case of the gravitational flux lines, the SP radii undergo length contraction due to the transfer of energy in the process of mass formation in line with the centripetal force law F₀= E₀/ r₀ which governs the quantum mechanics of their energy-momentum tensor. This explanation provides the foundation for reconciling quantum gravity with general relativity.

The aggregate changes in the singularities/ strings ratio and the resulting gradual length contraction in the radii of the SP composing the gravitational flux lines (as we get nearer to the centre of the mass) are behind the maths associated with general relativity and time dilation in its simplest form. This postulation also confirms the quantization of the various force fields, since they are composed of interacting SP.

Therefore we summarize that force fields are the results of different interactions between the two basic energy particles acting as the quantum mechanics’ operators in different quantum fields which compose the various subatomic and space particles.

D3- Reduction of the Gravitational and Electromagnetic Force with the Square Distance

Electromagnetic and Gravitational forces get reduced with the square distance for two reasons:

a) The flux lines spread out as they move away from the centre of the mass or the fermion charged particles. In other words the flux lines density decreases with the increase in distance.

b) The flux lines are composed from the aggregate effective surface areas of SP which have turned into spin networks or surfaces which interact, emit and absorb virtual photons. This means that the flux lines’ aggregate surfaces are two dimensional, with a total surface area equivalent to the aggregate surfaces of the SP composing them, hence the squaring of the distance between the two masses or between the two interacting charged particles.

E- Unification of the Four Known Forces of Nature

Force carriers, like virtual photons, gluons and W+ bosons are “vector gauge bosons”. The gravitons are also gauge bosons mediate the energy transfer required for the creation of mass and reshaping the geometry of the fabric of space.The gauge bosons have both momenta and directions hence regarded as vector quantities.

According to our postulations, the SP provide the strings of energy which compose the virtual photons, gravitons and the W and Z bosons (which carry lepton particles out of the hadrons’ confinements).

The virtual photon carries momentum (stings of energy) from one charged particle to another mediated by the electromagnetic flux lines which are composed of interacting pairs of virtual electrons and positrons. The momentum of each particle change. We say that the virtual photon has “mediated” the electromagnetic force between the two particles, or that a virtual photon has been “exchanged”, and momentum has been transferred in the exchange.

This postulation offers a unified explanation to the 4 forces of nature. All the gauge bosons are created due to the nature and characteristics of the fundamental interactions between the two BEP.

Gravitons are emitted and absorbed by the SP due to changes in their geometry triggered by their radii contraction in the process of passing some energy to create the relevant mass. The role of the gravitons is to pass energy between a series of SP leading to the formation of the gravitational flux lines with their vertical vector orientations toward the centre of relevant mass.

In the case of electromagnetism, the presence of charged particles turns the adjacent SP into interacting virtual electrons and positrons which emit and absorb virtual photons as they interact with each other and with charged particles. The virtual photons act as the force carriers of the electromagnetic force.

The kinetic energy used to move the charged particles, or to move electric fields, is conserved as potential energy responsible for changing the geometry of the SP. The SP singularities get polarized turning them into pairs virtual electrons and positrons which compose the magnetic flux lines. These electrodynamic processes also ensure that the created magnetic flux lines form closed loops between the north and the south poles of the magnet as part of the conservation of energy. Increased kinetic energy used to accelerate charged particles leads to the emission of electromagnetic radiation in packets equivalent to the planck constant. The wavelengths and frequencies of the emitted photons would depend on the applied kinetic energy and the level of the elementary charges per second.

The Gluons are coupled strings of energy which are emitted and absorbed due to the coupling and decoupling of the strings of energy of two interacting fermion particles (with different helicities) within the hadrons’ confinements. It is these direct coupling and decoupling of the interacting fermion particles are behind the strong force (due to the spring-like one dimensional geometry of the strings of energy). The strong force is greater than the electromagnetic force by 137 times due to the direct interaction between fermion particles as opposed to being mediated by the space particles which compose the electromagnetic flux lines.

The W and Z Bosons are combination of lepton particles associated with coupled strings of energy borrowed from the SP (the condensate) observed to have a spin-1. The coupled strings of energy act as the force carrier which carry the lepton particles out of the hadrons’ confinements on the resumption of their wavelengths.

These are the only gauge bosons which have mass and charge. They have very short life as they split back into energy returning to the condensate and lepton particles. For example the W- gauge boson acts as the force carrier ejecting electrons out of the confinement of free neutrons and antiprotons.

Out of the four fundamental physical forces in the universe, gravity is by far the weakest. It’s so weak that, for instance, a pair of tiny magnets can easily overcome the gravitational pull of the entire Earth. The reason for this is that the coupling and decoupling of the strings of energy which compose the gravitons don’t represent the gravitational force. The gravitons role is restricted to energy transfer which leads to the formation of the gravitational flux lines manifested as a change in the geometry of the fabric of space. The gravitational force is represented by the acceleration of the SP which compose the gravitational flux lines.

References :

(Valentino Valenti)

(Mamood Yusuf) 

negative acausal energy exchange
energetic harvesting


Hub-sap- new novel term for the current race of unfit humans. Results from the usurping of nature’s order through abdication of her exclusion and disposal of unfit sapiens gene fragments. Hub-sap cannot bring themselves to the proposed order.
Civilization’s debasing of empirical eugenics of which is set forth by and implicit within boundaries of natural order-will never come close to galactic imperium. Hub-sap will continually impose their lofty unquantifiable primitive ape like consciousness perception of emotions, symbols, shapes unto the material and spiritual realms. Hub-sap. currently holds these destructive forms of perception and causation as truth and law. The projection of ignorant perception is  gleaned a success because hub-sap tricks itself into viewing the dichotomy of self vs surroundings. This event may looked upon as a causal nucleation site where fragmented reality grows.

Build me a mystery mystic man

One does not explain  profound mystery by layering another mystery on top. I have had the great pleasure of speaking with self proclaimed adherents to the Catholic, Christian. Jewish, Hindi, and Buddhist doctrine.   

Something interesting happens when you ask each one independently

“Can you tell me in your own words where did the world come from ?”

“So where did God come from?

They adherents have no answers as and as thus God becomes a self contained answer for everything and anything when God was never really an answer at all. 

The beginners bullet guide to absolute relativity

  • Homo Hubris is not privileged. 
  • Human constructs of idea into languages thus conflating 3 dimensional reality with cause and effect
  • Emotional perception of things as they present themselves at nature’s balanced hand  as conditional and flexible 
  • Conditions of humanity,  soul  soul that of which was promulgated and forged via human abstraction does not have any notable or worthy traits to exist outside nature.
  • Planet Earth and hosts have no assigned privileged. Planet Earth is not privileged over other planets.
  • Man must not succumb to hubris  through any assignment of privilege for things or systems earth made.
  • Man must not allow proxy association with spiritual or manmade beings from any place, time or culture.
  • Matter and energy were not created by some external agent. The phenom is not new to anything else.
  • No one particular national god or deity was more relevant or powerful than any other.


quantum vacuum energy

OOT61M manipulates and draws across the dimensions this Acausal vacuum energy.  This was revealed through 5D sorcery, invokations and evocations using quantum black magic in conjunction with cross examinations to remove hubris as best as possible and where possible particle physics and quantum gravity  We seek to know and defy the current level of our use via an increase in harnessing vacuum energy manifesting in the current universe. (The type of energy one seeks in Quantum Black Magic).

Quarks are presently outsize the detection limit. there size being smaller than 10 to the negative 18 zeros. It is a type of subatomic particle. there are 6 “flavors” up, down. top bottom strange and charm” they are held together by gluons which make up the strong force. They exist unbound inside neutron stars as Quark plasma. other than that they are never found free, There’s an important reason for this that’s very different from our other forces. In gravity, if you have a single mass (gravitational charge) all by itself, the force it generates is strong close to it, but drops to zero as you move away. In electromagnetism, if you have a single charge (electric charge) all by itself, same deal: the force it generates (either attractive or repulsive) is strong very close to it, but drops to zero as you move away. But in the strong force, if you have a single color charge all by itself, the force it generates gets stronger and stronger the farther you are away from it, and only drops to zero when you’re very close! If you ever had a free quark, even temporarily, even if it was only “free” for a very small distance around it, it would require a huge amount of energy to create, and it would immediately begin pulling particle-antiparticle pairs out of the vacuum until everything was colorless again.

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