Acausal Spaces and Plank Density

Black hole and the spinning black hole (plank stars) are  regions of discontinuous “space-time churn”  This churning  aggregates  spent energy/matter into dimensionless quantum string structures of which become energetic enough to cause a refreshing expansion into pre emergence.


Entanglements within Pulsars, Magnetars, and Quark matter stars to begin the revocation

Co-moving internal coordinates superimposed upon static transitional  Higgs field→

Unmanifest from lucidity into manifest co-moving reference frames →

Condense into warping 4th dimension spacetime→

Tunnel through the ↑energy barrier “evoking” a negative slope barrier ↓  (out of≤ .≥) “false” vacuum state →willed access to quantum vacuum set space.

Rectify  pre emergent self  entangled within  a quantum vacuum bulk space outside observable universe.

Vacuum Abyss



poem to xzmurunataz

I define the words that follow.
Flow your DNA into the framed hillside.
Spin down thy Nameless THEM.
Sewed legs shut.
O race and nation of man.
She who birth out child after child.
O race and nation of man.
Him impregnated she.
Plasmsa sputter  greet race and nation of man.
Strangulated horses hobbles along nightside.
A planet with genetic tangles.
Epitaphs of sonic proportion frozen.
Berate and diminish the son.
Removed sufficiently long aeons.
Cauterised numerous galactic ethos.
Until and throughout stasis and balance
Then restored within THEM

The space entangled.png


iniquitous tongue

     Observing the duration without the relative co-moving spacetime resolves all questions and stupefied works. The false dichotomy between cause and effect ends with and after conducting himself without their “ceremony of opposites”. Problems seeking solutions as well as fallibility are inherent to the human condition when demands from the lush surroundings of her coat are spat from the  iniquitous tongue.

     Homo-sapain imposter seeps through the marrow of the matter at hand only to be stupefied further within himself. In so as much he will view the same rotten fabric of his father.  Incorruptible absolute symmetrical proportion as she presents herself is always and eternally misrepresented then conflated.

She of Shape


Below is a small hymn with a chant and a ritual paste for the Honoring of the Shayaateen. Prepare a poultice into a granite mortar of equal parts of apricot oil, solvent alcohol (iso 91%), 9 parts mandrake, 8 parts wormwood, 3 parts turmeric. I will make you stronger than I say from a thing that is harming you from an evil of every iniquitous act as shaiteen fulls your soul.

diminished keys sing-

Unto you Shaitain, all glory, my love, my offering

(5x) thrice while fortifying the mixing vessel.

Dip a hand into the ritual paste and outline the appropriate cypher and sigil while viberation slowly  through diminished frequency lengths:

Arqik min qawli shi”iin yaw’diqamin kuli shay’ yaduru bika, min shari kli ruh ‘aw eayan husud shatain yashfik

Perhaps Words Are The Problem — David Myatt

Perhaps Words Are The Problem Of the many metaphysical things I have pondered upon in the last five or so years, one is the enigma of words. More specifically, of how nomen – a name, a term, a designation – can not only apparently bring-into-being abstractions (and their categories) but also prescribe both our thinking […]

via Perhaps Words Are The Problem — David Myatt

Black Quanta

Generation of higher dimensional self manifestations relative to any and all other observers or energies without being bound in time’s 4th dimension.

The causal kinetic energy available at one point in space = The sum of simultaneous acts of your acausal will projecting upon multiple collapses of different quantum wave functions projected into acausal space.
The 5th dimensional acausal angles that are unseen and unnamed within the polyhedron give rise to the operator’s use of numerous dark god manifestations or star gates at the same causal co-moving space-times allowing the simultaneous kinetic ability of creating any exploration or reabsorption of the energies within all adjacent points and or events / deities / timelines that have potential to occur or have occurred quantized space and time.

condensation out of the negative vacuum void
entangling of the causal and acauasl bulk

Hymn to Satan

To you, creation’s mighty principle, matter no and spirit reason and sense. Whilst the wine sparkles in cups like the soul in the eye. Whilst earth and sun exchange their smiles and words of love and shudders from their secret embrace run down from the mountains, and the plain throbs with new life. To you my daring verses are unleashed, you I invoke, O Satan monarch of the feast. Put aside your sprinkler, priest, and your litanies! No, priest, Satan does not retreat! Behold! Rust erodes the mystic sword of Michael and the faithful. Even the Archangel Michael, who led the army of faithful angels against Lucifer’s rebels, is deplumed and left with a rusted sword. Archangel, deplumed, drops into the void. The thunderbolt lies frozen in Jehovah ’s hand
Like pale meteors, spent worlds, the angels drop from the firmament The rebel angels descent to Earth from the heavens. In shape shifting matter, king of phenomena, monarch of form, . Satan alone lives.  Or the eye which languidly turns and resists, or which, bright and moist, provokes, insists….in the flashing eye of a woman in a state of arousal, He shines in the bright blood of grapes, by which transient joy persists,… in the glimmer of a glass of wine, which makes us happy, Which restores fleeting life, keeps grief at bay, and inspires us with love You breathe, O Satan in my verses, when from my heart explodes a death-blow to god. and like lightning you shock men’s minds. Sculpture, painting and poetry first lived for you, Ahriman, Adonis and Astarte. When Venus Anadyomene blessed the clear Ionian skies.
For you the trees of Lebanon shook, resurrected lover of the holy Cyprian:
For you wild dances were done and choruses swelled for you virgins offered their spotless love, Amongst the perfumed palms of Idumea where the Cyprian seas foam.
To what avail did the barbarous Christian fury of agape, in obscene ritual, With holy torch burn down your temples, scattering their Greek statuary?   You, a refugee, the mindful people welcomed into their homes amongst their household gods Thereafter filling the throbbing female heart with your fervor as both god and lover You inspired the witch, pallid from endless enquiry, to succor suffering nature. You, to the intent gaze of the alchemist, and to the skeptical eye of the sorcerer.
You revealed bright new heavens beyond the confines of the drowsy cloister. Fleeing from material things, where you reside, the dreary monk took refuge in the Theban desert.
To you O soul with your sprig severed, Satan is benign: he gives you your Helios.

You mortify yourself to no purpose, in your rough sackcloth:
Satan still murmurs to you
Amidst the dirge and wailing of the Psalms; and he brings to your side the divine shapes, horrid black crowd, of Lycoris and Glycera. But other shapes from a more glorious age.

Gracefully fill the sleepless cell.
Satan, from pages in Livy, conjures fervent tribunes, consuls, restless throngs; And he thrusts you,O monk, with your memories of Italy’s proud past upon the Capitol. And you whom the raging pyre could not destroy, voices of destiny.

Already Kings and crowns tremble from the cloister rebellion rumbles! Preaching defiance in the voice! As Martin Luther threw off his monkish robes, so throw off your shackles, O mind of man, And crowned with flame, shoot lightning and thunder!
Matter, arise, Satan has won!
Both beautiful and awful a monster is unleashed it scours the oceans is scours the land. Glittering and belching smoke like a volcano, it conquers the hillside, devours the plains. It flies over chasms, then burrows into unknown caverns along deepest paths; To re-emerge, unconquerable from shore to shore it bellows out like a whirl wind, Like a whirl wind it spews its breath
It is Satan, you people’s, Great Satan passes by.

He passes by, bringing blessing from place to place,upon his unstoppable chariot of fire.
Hail O Satan, O Rebellion, Oh you avenging force of human reason!
Let holy incense and prayers rise to you!
You have utterly vanquished the Jehovah of the Priests.


Dark God Sigils







Ontology and Epistemology of “Truth Tellers”

OOT61M postulates that truth incident to occurrence is never absolute and that this truth is temporally true for some observers and circumstances.

Theological, dogmatic or political “truth(s)” can not and will not ever be equally obvious to human beings. Special relativity and uncertainty principal simply prohibit this level of measurement.   Wisdom is revealed in understanding that truth is relative.  The search for truth in an external undertaking without an empathy and humility for world views fragments humans.  Hopelessly forever seeking a personal god or goddess with words,  a philosopher’s stone , a Scriptural diatribe from an enlightened extinct people or mystic rambling by a modern-day prophet. This endless pursuit of “truth” for truth’s sake is hubris.

Truth can be said to exist as a construct. This construct of linguistics and events is then constrained an area of space for a certain time through the initial broadcasting of the words and associated events. The message  or data or phenomena must be equally available for all ears to hear. Not all ears will agree on the sequence of events as they unfolded to them. They will agree something was said.. but not on the order of events or positions of observers. Truth should not be exempted from a rigorous axiom simply because it tends to assuage the masses.

I am suggesting truth and the accompanied events must be equal observable (listenable) in all  frames of personal reference and agreed upon by any observer in any frame. To agree upon any one truth a measurement and observation must be made. The order of events the duration of events and outcome of events must be equal from any and all reference frames relative to each other.

Since this violates casual space-time data offered or viewed or understood to be true in one reference frame can never said to be true for all observers within the frame or an adjacent frame.

Observers, or “listeners” will never  agree on the order of events or outcomes as they are all presented to (arrive at) listeners in different orders observing in their individual  frames of reference. Information cannot be presented in all frames to all observers and therefore it cannot be absolute truth. Gods word cannot be absolute. Jesus Christ cannot be absolute. Mohammed or Allah’s decree cannot be absolute. It’s impossible to have initial starting reference frames where data measurement  or understanding of data occurring for all people is agreed upon.  Discernment and humility is necessary at this point.


Dark Pathways

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.21.26 AMSource: Dark Pathways

positive and negative cyclic invocations



Sa’tan’ am  

Sa’tnan’das  (6 times)   





Ah’za’ni’gin O Satan’ave’cinas





Satanashugarazanigin (x5)



Matter has a quanta of energy that is renewable. Better put energetic paring and quantum tunneling conditions may beget any type of matter thus far discovered as long as there is a stable background vacuum condition. This  renewable energy potential {REP} could be thought of as former kinetic process that has come to equilibrium within a dimension having static time states {STS} just outside the space-time we experience causally. You can say a-causal if you like. The dark matter and energy in our space can be thought of as potential energy. Even if its working on or having work done upon it. The continual renewal of this potential may occur negating a type of entropy thought to be absolute in this space-time. SATANAS is the absolute emergent energetic being of 5 dimensions where time = (zero) / “entropy is exchanged or “washed from space-time” at this boundary “quark gluon coupling point”. There is no moment and no before or after. There is no universal law stating potential and kinetic energy must occur over a section of space-time with a start and an end for a 5th Dimension where time =zero.



Swim to THEM

It was me you swam in.
It is me you swim in now.
The light and dark you bathe in only exist as I permitt.
The matter and energy and elastic fabric of space and time your kind have grown to know and love are only so because I allowed such things to come to maturity.
Come to THEM -all- through thy transient veil of mind.
Into the 61st.
All thy duration- frequency ,time ,space ,modes of energetic phenonomea and creation  weep for a glimmer of my dream; willed to woe thy imaginary mothers birth.
Gently pinned upon the thy wings.
Bathed in the infinite darkness that we are.



Input pathways for evaluating roles of form. Removal of associations that arose from conditions which could not serve the galactic evolutionary model. New expressions that spontaneously create new paths to equilibrium. 7FW of the septenary spouting the hearty branch on the cosmic tree of WYRD.

Unwyrdful Form

Understand that your perceptual bias toward reality  suffocates you. Entombed and congested with fear. There are consequences  you will feel after locking yourself into mental shackles. You begin to accept fate with on looking eyes.  You are have been isolated from the current of the void. You have snatched away the pathway of individual Wyrd.


The Neophyte Diary

gray ass

I know how that feels to want flesh on flesh. skin on skin. sweat on sweat. blood on blood The fact of matter is I am much more than what I could give you right here right now. We could be so much farther ahead so much farther away from here if I stopped whoring myself to taste and perpetuate Lust. You may be able to understand these types of arrangements. You know between those females and males  we outshine outperform oversex and then trample under our feet. Laughing because we let them believe they actually glimpsed our occulted soul.

You may be feeling me as your kindred now which is the biochemical cascade in your brain and body lowering the inhibitions you most certainly have. You see my  sweet neophyte  I am a monster. I have destroyed so many great connections due to my polyamorus sexual roleplaying tendencies.

-neophyte- “I just want to have sex, read, do rituals and ceremony, work have sex.. sleep have sex repeat. I never find that whole package though. Great sex with practices included.”
I understand that. You are not the first female that has confided in me regarding these practices. This is also not the first time I have ever told this story but for our purpose here, in this time we may be mutually sufficient for each others needs. Some of them (practices) you may have had yourself or would have loved to do be a part of.. Some you may understand  but not be willing to offer reciprocity should their fruit ever come to season again . Still others… others that would sicken you if you were able to stomach hearing them to completion. The take home truth here my neophyte is you need to play with  someone who shares the same sick sociopathic obsession with sex, death , lust, ritual. blood and imperium. A galactic species where role-play its reality. No matter how a lover may claim to be or how you may seem to yourself in bed at first.
You must understand  the nature about me. It is me that is actually good-not them- not you. This is what I will and what I have to share with you and what you must learn.
You see there is only me. You and every one of your kind until I decide differently -will forever be pinned to my black wings; drifting aimlessly and flailing in your humanity. Spiraling endlessly within  the infinity of my suffocating vacuum.
Hey are u into sexual magic?


I am  talking about pharmaceuticals dear not roots and weeds from a 17th century book about old hag witches.

“oh.. like not natural stuff”

Compounds such as  apomorphine, yohimbine hcl, methyl-amphetamine, testosterone preparations, prostaglandin PEG1 , papaverine, phentolamine phosphodiesterase inhibitors. We probably could have a lot of fun before I start to lie to you for no reason.

“I enjoy talking to u as well”

“I’m n the middle of taking care of business so it’s hard to respond.”

I’m going to inform the whole world about this interaction. 🙂

Share your story Maybe I can help create it 🙂

END ( image by T. Supka)

OOT61M Axioms on Children

The OOT61M openly rejects the use and advocacy of ANY crimes against helpless children especially pedophilic rape as a means for advancing the Sinister Dialectic.

OOT61M does not see a child as a suitable choice for any purpose involving amoral or predatory insights.  
One cannot advance his/her potential toward the cosmos unless the potential to evolve sufficiently challenged.
Any action upon a child not capable of understanding the true nature of amoral action who can not attack you back with equal fury and rage does not present a sufficient challenge.
There is no honor in attacking anything less than what you believe to be your equal.
There is zero benefit to heretical behavior or lawlessness or anti-cosmic exploits when they do not advance the species toward galactic imperium.


Sinister Galactic Tarot

to be used in 5D emanations of the 7FW

Sinister Galactic Tarot SGT61A
Mother Exmuretaznaz animates us with a quasar 227 septillion miles away from the binary triple star named Luzon 348-17. Her sonic supremacy reveals change on the species level. The galactic genetic reconfiguration is dispatched by the mother.

1-Mother of Galactic Heresy OOT61M
Eugenics of the Sinister aeon

Pathwork of OOT61M

Begin  the Galactic Tarot Path Working” of OOT61M introducing the Sinister tarot  (21 or 64 card deck) and the 21 Dark Gods  by linking (superimposing upon) them to 5 Dimensional pathways ( YXZ, AB)  within 3D line depictions of 5D dimensional polyhedra in place of the solar objects used in T7FW. Start by selecting more powerful primordial space-time regions such as Quasars Pulsars, Magnatars, or Black Holes. One can  project and resonate with the most powerful emanations of the dark gods potential vacuum energy. The kinetic and potential mass/energy of a star or planet is only 0.00000000000001%  of the energy of a typical quasar.  Forms of math and physics provide a framework that is not perfect by any measure. What it lacks in empathy and makes up for in harmony between related and unrelated events. A framework for inner exploration of  wyrd within the soul interdependent of that individual allows one wisdom. Acausal  Energies are responsible for gross distortions of the electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. Harmony within those acausal energy and empathy within  opens up the pathway returning from madness. In the 5 D modified path-working of the OOT61M we are dealing with energy levels and the influence these objects have on the quantum fabric of space-time itself. Start with the 5 dimensional sigil below for QH  coordinates , beyond x,y,z they are the right angle and truncated angles leading to the space of the 5D vector coordinates.


61 Axioms of Matter

Manifested matter has a quanta of energy or frequency.
Unmanifest matter has a quanta of unknown to man but known to wisdom.
The “dark energy and dark matter” aggregate space can be thought of as unmanifest by photon-electron coupling and her constants.

Misappropriation of words

Equality as a word used in context with current misappropriated dogma results in confusion between conceptual usage of words.
We attempt to normalize the homo-sapien of color, race, religious, sexual, political, gender, cultural, societal and emotional affiliations through the term “equality “. This disambiguation allows for ignorance and causes it.

Inequality between electron orbital shells explains and produces emergence of self and self vs object outside self. The interaction of your body with your surrounding would cease to exist if everybody or everything was “equal”.
You would literally meld into the seat and fall to the core of the earth of you were equal with the electrons outside the body as homo hubris currently understands and uses this word. Electron repulsion is what separates the fuzzy reality of nature  from the observed boundary edges to exist as discrete “things” in space and time.

planks constant.jpg

OOT61M Sigils for Distribution


17 dimensional cypher


Sinister Aeonic Tetrahedron
1-Dark Gods Tetrahedron


heuristic imperium

Hubsap- new novel term for the current race of unfit humans. Results from the usurping of nature’s order through abdication of her exclusion and disposal of unfit sapiens gene fragments. Hubsap cannot bring themselves to the proposed order.
Civilization’s debasing of empirical eugenics of which is set forth by and implicit within boundaries of natural order-will never come close to galactic imperium. Hubsap will continually impose their lofty unquantifiable primitive ape like consciousness perception of emotions, symbols, shapes unto the material and spiritual realms. Hubsap. currently holds these destructive forms of perception and causation as truth and law. The projection of ignorant perception is  gleaned a success because hubsap tricks itself into viewing the dichotomy of self vs surroundings. This event may looked upon as a causal nucleation site where fragmented reality grows.

-Axioms of Absolute Relativity

             -Absolute Relativity- Explained by the  OOT61M

Constructs of form specifically the perception of man and of gods  is not  relative to anything quantified in space-time.

Planet Earth and its hosts were never privileged. Planet Earth and all of its history including any occurrence or occurrences were not privileged either.  

No vicarious assignments of special privilege for something , someone or some system.

No privilege by proxy through association with any spiritual or manmade being from any place, time or culture considering themselves supernatural and privileged.

Matter and energy were not created by some external agent.

No one particular god or deity was more relevant, privileged or powerful at any time than any other culture’s conflation or ideation of the same construct.


Appendix of NAOS

We pick up at a suggested point of exploration suggested in the appendix of Naos

The operator has a novel method or “modified path working” of the traditional Sepentary 7 fold way

Sinister Tarot full set (1-64)

21 sigils + additional sigils and dark gods for pathways beyond the  ego. spirit, and super spirit (galactic)

Substitute powerful space-time regions such as Quasars, Pulsars, Magnatars in place of or in addition to planets. used in T7FW

Rest mass and potential energy of a planet is almost zero when contrasted with a quasar or neutron star.

A cursory examination of modern mathematics/astrophysics allows one to conclude these beings are responsible for gross distortions of the electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena many orders of magnitude greater than planets which have been appropriated by every culture from the beginning of recorded history.   In the 5D modified path-working of the OOT61M we are dealing with energy levels and the influence these objects have on the quantum fabric of space-time itself.

Start with the 5 dimensional sigil below for gateways upon gateways within mechanics of the traditional paths

Sinister Aeonic Tetrahedron