Formal logic

Let us consider the following statement "logic leads to dead ends.   I postulate that logic is not supposed to "lead" anywhere.  Logic is a sequential stepwise process Logic and the philosophy of language are closely related. Philosophy of language has to do with the study of how our language engages and interacts with our thinking. Logic [...]


SATAN Manifests to OOT61M via

genus of satan in OOT61M


I animate all durations and information exchanges from my empire of utter oblivion. I am the circumference of the circle. Emanating forever void materialized illuminated black light. Hearken thine ears lips through spirits without heart. Come to know the greater part of me. I say I am he that of myself who may speak the thisled [...]


Galactic Songs



Ontology and Epistemology of “Absolute Truth”

OOT61M postulates that truth incident to occurrence is never absolute and that this truth is temporally true for some observers and circumstances. Theological, dogmatic or political "truth(s)" can not and will not ever be equally obvious to human beings. Special relativity and uncertainty principle simply prohibit this level of measurement.  Wisdom is revealed in understanding [...]

Precognition 6 of 10

Quantum pre-cognition of the sinister is the ability to forknow the pre emergent energy distributions of any given situation where the operator has exercised acausal empathetic manipulation run through the "Universal View" "deine Universumansicht"  of the operator. This is 6th of 10 dimensional sensory processing and one of the 5th dimensional sensory processing abilities developed [...]

Protected: the last10,000 ys landed here

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Protected: beyond immortal between opposites

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Who is She?

She is of a most terrible nature. She needs no kind and is without any energy/space/time/dimension descriptors. A feminine aspect of the shape shifter. The dripping void.  Never mentioned. The progenitor of Choronzon itself. The moment of realization where realization is self-aware as itself as endless abyss. She is dripping with dream; death; blood; and desire [...]